Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has been a thriving center of British industry for over 250 years. The Quarter has always been prolific, and in 1850 it is believed that half of the gold and silverware products on sale in London jewellery shops had been produced in Birmingham.

The historical importance of the Jewellery Quarter was recognised by Birmingham City Council and English Heritage in the 1970’s and also contains Birmingham’s last remaining Georgian square, St Pauls.

Jewellery manufacturers continue work in the area today with around 700 jewellery-related businesses in the Quarter. Some 400 of these are jewellery manufacturers, producing 40% of British jewellery output. It is also been said that it contains the highest concentration of dedicated jewellers in Europe.

Countless tradesmen in the Quarter work from home or in small workshops, providing specialist craft and services that compliment each other. There is a strong sense of community in the area and the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter enjoys an enviable reputation as being a centre of jewellery design and manufacture excellence for both the trade and public.

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